WCS Challenger NA #3 (Summer)

Challenger ends in -463 days, 12:57:43 | TL thread | rules | Official twitter

Current WCS NA ranking

Current promotion windows ends in 9:58:43
Challenger ends in -463 days, 12:57:43

# Name MMR
Some notes on this ranking, we have removed
  • Neeb and Scarlett are already qualified
  • Non NA players
  • Players not using their names (ie barcodes)
  • MMR <6000 are arbitrally not displayed
  • There is 3 time windows in which players have to play 15 games: between Thursday 21:00 EDT and friday, then friday-saturday and saturday-sunday (see esl rules ).
  • If a player is missing (or shouldn't be here) dont hesitate to contact me (its harder to know who is eligible on NA than EU)

Recent games

Date (EDT) Player 1 MMR ΔMMR Player 2 MMR ΔMMR